On-Site Support

Receive the personal, hands on support you need! Sometimes problems just cannot be resolved over the Internet or Phone. That’s when you need On-Site Support. When your PC, tablet, printer or networking device gives you trouble, get expert tech support, fast. We have fast turnaround time for onsite tech support services at your home and for your business.


Sample of On-Site Services:

  • Consultation
  • PC & MAC Installation and Repair
  • Hard Drive Repairs, Clean up, Recovery and Upgrades
  • Desktop, Notebook and Tablet Repair and Upgrades
  • Remove Preinstalled Junkware Apps
  • Secure Wireless/Wired Networking
  • Internet Broadband, DSL or Cable Installations
  • Networking Ethernet Cable Runs
  • Install/Setup of File & Printer Sharing
  • Routers, Switches, Print Servers, Firewalls & NAS Drives
  • Data Transfers, Data & Music, Pictures, Document Backups
  • Email/Outlook Backups, Transfers & Account Setups
  • Password Recovery
  • Recommend Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Install/Setup Data Disaster and Recovery