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$75 Online Remote Computer Repair!

No Techs in your home & No wires to unplug & plug back in. Our Remote Support is the most cost effective solution to resolving your computer related issues. Using the internet & a secure connection, we connect into your computer to diagnose & resolved your specific issues. Save time & money with our Remote Support Computer Repair.

($75 price includes up to 3 Hours of Remote Support)

With Remote Support I can:

  • Diagnose & Repair your Computer Issues
  • Install Virus & Spyware Removal Apps
  • Find & Remove Spyware/Viruses
  • Tuneup & Install Critical updates
  • Recommend Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Optimization of your computer
  • Setup printer
  • Junk Program Removal
  • Hardware & Software setup
  • Secure your Wireless Router
  • Email Setup
  • Setup & Backup Important Data
  • Software installation
  • Remove trial software & browser toolbars
  • Digital camera photo transfer & sharing
  • Remove pop-up windows

Why Choose Remote Support?

No dealing with all the hassles and expensive of on-site support.

No taking Computer into a shop and waiting days or weeks.

No disconnecting and reconnecting wires.

You can watch and chat with us as your Computer is being repaired.

Some shops will charge over $200 dollars for the same service.

Save time, gas and the hassle of taking your computer in for repair.

Have your computer repaired in the comfort of your home or office.

Yearly Tech Support Plans Available

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